Plus Size Shorts for Women on Sale NOW!


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  • a luxurious sample of New Zealand grown lavender soap
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Your plus size shorts will be delivered right to your door(or any door you chose)and we offer a no questions asked returns policy if you change your mind(see our hassle free returns policy here).

I do not want to go out shopping, it is too cold! Keep life simple, shop from home(or work lol).These plus size shorts are branded ‘bike shorts’ but we chose to call them ‘work-out’ shorts as they have no chamois, so not so comfortable on the old bicycle seat. You might like to call them your ‘vacuuming’ shorts, or your ‘zumba’ shorts or….the best pair of exercise  shorts I have ever owned! That is a regular comment we get. Made of 90% cotton and 10% percent lycra they wash and wear beautifully(except with towels…first hand experience here grrr!). These shorts are made in the USA by the same company that supply to the Biggest Loser show, oh yeah!

Why the * above?? Because there will be more deals coming soon! Warm your fingers and get clicking right now, you will be dancing around your lounge room to Abba before you know it!