Real Womens 2012 Series is underway!

The Real Womens 2012 series is underway and I had a great day last Sunday(Feb 12th). My friend Alison and I decided to participate in the first of the Real Womens Duathlon series at Ambury Park, last minute entry of course, no foward planning here!

It rained. Just a little at first. Then it bucketed down right at the end. Nice.

We had a terrific time. Really.This is such a great event. It is not designed for athletes. It is designed for real women. First you run/walk, then you ride your bike, then you do another little run/walk. No winners, no losers, just participants. You are well supported by the organisers and the volunteers who line the routes.

You can enter as an individual,or as a team of 2 or 3. Thanks Jane Patterson. I like the philosophy of this series. I liked hearing the  heart warming stories of the real women who had overcome huge obstacles to participate for the first time, and to hear of one lady who has participated in every event since the series started, we’re talking 6 years here!

It was wonderful to see kids running out at the end to support their Mum/Sister/Cousin and run the last 100 metres with them, smiles all round! You got a goody bag, a flash new shirt, a yummy breakfast and a fair chance to win one of many great spot prizes, including a really cool bike.

It was well worth the drenching.

Don’t put it off, grab a friend and love the experience!  Real Women’s Duathlon Series