A Big Attitude® Power Legs Leggings


These are compression pants, full leg length and high in the waist. They are tight fitting and are meant to be that way. They are fantastic to wear, they hold you in and seem to propel you forward once they are on….true story!

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About A Big Attitude’s Products

The “A Big Attitude®” range uses quality fabrics with a high Lycra® content which are extremely beneficial when exercising.

A Big Attitude’s compression technology helps keep muscles warm while efficiently removing perspiration from the skin. The garments promote increased circulation by speeding up blood flow to muscles and removing waste like lactic acid and extra body fluids. This leads to faster recovery times after strenuous exercise.

Doctors and physical therapists recommend compression garments for such circulatory and vascular conditions as lymphedema, lipedema and edema. The products apply steady and manageable pressure to the muscles and veins in your legs, encouraging blood to flow up the leg by forcing weaker veins to work better.

Advanced Compression Technology

  • Performance-Oriented Fit
  • Unique Design And Fit Guarantees Energy
  • Finest Quality Materials – Easy Care
  • You’ll Never Buy A Different Brand Again

Made in the USA by A BIG ATTITUDE® suppliers to The Biggest Loser TV Show.


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