April 2017. Lets get cracking….its nearly Easter!

Its the new Financial Year, and perhaps an opportunity to re-set New Year goals?

Now, I am not one to go on about the virtue of goal setting. I dont set them, I dont like them. Even talking about ‘them’ leaves me cold. (well that is a bit of a lie, every now and again I have a go, but really its just ink on a page…) However, I am surrounded by ‘goal-setters’ and ‘goal-writer-downers’ but not me, I am more of your ‘hey-that-is-a good-idea-lets-do-that’ type, heard of me types? Maybe you are one too, high five! I am the ultimate Ive Got A Good Idea Girl!

So, that said, here is my good idea for the rest of 2017. I am going to write 6 blogs(or heading/topics)today. That way I will be able to post a minimum of once a month until September. By then I will have hit my stride and inspiring messages will fall out of my head, semi-assembled and I will share them with you. Another good idea I have, I will not post this until the other 5 are part-written. I know, I know, the brilliance of it. Move over Tony Robbins.

I am pleased to say that my absence from social media does not reflect my responsibility or passion that I have for BigLove Activewear. Women from all over NZ continue to find us and we are able to suit them up. I love it! Recently I asked a new customer if she had just started biking, “Oh no, she said, but this is the first time Ive bought clothes that actually fit, usually I just put up with what I can get.” This brought it all back to me, the inspiration of BigLove, providing activewear that actually fits, and not have to make do with!

That said, I am going to sign off now. There is much to do at “Good Ideas HDQ’. Order some more stock(sorry, we are low!!), seek out a Womens Expo we can attend(any ideas??)and focus on those blogs.  Until next month…Luen

I’m not a waif-y girl and never will be. I think it’s healthy when fitness experts encourage fitness rather than getting a certain body shape. – Sophia Bush

Antiflamme – Natures Kiss

Antiflamme – Natures Kiss

We were enjoying some beautiful crisp Autumn days but the weather has deteriorated as the month has gone on! May’s newsletter has taken a few weeks to compose – where does the time go? If you haven’t read it yet, head to our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to like us too.

Antiflamme is the product to help you with muscle aches/strains and works naturally to help get you active again.  Enriched with arnica, hypericum, calendula and peppermint – just what you need in the bathroom cabinet.

Available to purchase on our website here http://bigloveactivewear.co.nz/shop/natures-kiss-anti-flamme/ you can pick up a pot for just $28.99.

Check out our range of sportswear for plus sizes.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, email us.
Keep Active!


April Newsletter

An early morning walk this morning, (ok so it was 9am and not so early) was all I needed to put pen to paper and start my short newsletter to you this month. I love walking – it helps me to think through and plan my day plus think through any issues that need solving oh and many new ideas are developed!

This month I found an interesting article for you to read which I recommend you print out and put on your fridge. “Post Work- Out Foods You Can and Should Eat For Recovery”. Thanks to

Yes, I’ve stuck it to my fridge too so everytime I get home from a walk or a ride, I am reminded now of alternative snacks I can eat post exercise instead of perhaps the odd biscuit or cake….. (yip I was guilty)…

Your product review this month is “A Bit Attitude” Capris. Ever had a pair of pants that the elastic at the waist twists and becomes annnoying inside the waistband? Well these ones don’t. Check them out.

To read the full newsletter go to http://mad.ly/be2ba3

Thank you for shopping with us over the past year. Thank you for following us on our Facebook Page and finally Thank you for being you!

Keep active. Luen

What a fantastic summer!

autumn imageThat’s our latest newsletter done and dusted ….. read it online here for a yummy lunch recipe, something to keep you active and a product review of our most comfortable shorts. Get your fix here….. http://mad.ly/acf293

Come on, eat up all those exercise calories!

Come on, eat up those exercise calories! Did you ever get that statement at the dinner table? I think not. It was more likely one of these… you are not leaving the table until that plate is empty….there are starving children in Africa…. if you eat all your dinner you can have some ice cream….and on and on we could go! Do you say these words, or similar, to your kids now? When kids say they are not hungry, generally they are not hungry(unless you are trying to make them eat tripe). Even now as an informed adult when I am not hungry,and I really want to eat something,  I still will. Bad huh.  I am from the above dinner time generation. Shame. Guilt. Eat. Recently my friend posted this video of herself talking about her weight loss journey. It is her personal  honesty that I resonate with here, and I am sure we can all relate in some way. Our relationship with eating food coupled with our lack of knowledge of what is required to burn it off  has had a devastating effect on many of us today. My Fitness Pal has been a great tool for Alison(I know there are other similar sites too)and as she explains about the food diary and exercise for calories you can perhaps understand what and why we have been doing wrong all these years. So the moral of this story? Exercise for calories, then only eat  the calories you got from the exercise. For me….simple plan, slow learner!


Hello blender…had any good low fat smoothie ideas lately?


I located the blender at the back of cupboard on the weekend. Wow! Hello blender…had any good low fat smoothie ideas lately?? I don’t know why I don’t use it more, just like I don’t know when I have had enough to eat….or drink for that matter….anyhoo, I digress.

I love love love smoothies, and this is a great time to be making them as all the summer fruits are coming on. I made myself a big cold creamy blend of low-fat yogurt, soy milk(because I dont like the taste of cows milk, that is all, I am not trying to be flash!) and a banana that was going to last another hour in the fruit bowl, a fresh kiwifruit and some frozen berries. It was yummy too. I am going to have more of these I pledged to myself. Today I saw this simple recipe, I had never thought of putting grapes in a smoothie before, but I shall give it a go. It looks rather refreshing. Low cal and all that too.


‘Try’ time, you may like it!

I have a story to share with you. My husband would only ever eat white bread.

If he bought the bread it would always be white, and when he got the ‘look’, he would say that was all they had….

With the bread wars at the supermarkets now you can get good deals like 2 for whatever price… Molenburg has been doing this, so I have been buying mostly molenburg bread.

What do you know, out of the blue, after 17 years, he announces, I love this Molenburg bread, its the best bread Ive ever eaten!

Lesson for the day: Try something new, you just might like it!

P.S He also eats brown rice now too….loves it, hide the mung beans we are on a roll here!!


Living in Resistance is Futile

Living in Resistance is Futile!

OK people, yesterday we talked a little about what motivates me and how I suggested you need to get started on some kind of fitness plan and walking, to me, seemed like a great place to start.

My approach to some things I do, I think, is not always appropriate. I am a bit of a bull in a china shop kind of person, a bit tactless, I acknowledge this and I am doing a lot of work on myself trying to tone down my delivery. It has taken me a long time to write this message this morning, I know what I want to say, but that delivery issue keeps coming up!!

So here is my simple message people. Give it up. Stop with the BS and excuse sheet. I know every excuse under the sun, and I know, that you know, that it is all just rubbish. If I could assure you that a 15 minute, then a 30 minute, then working up to a 60 minute daily walk is achievable and will be the best thing that you could ever do for yourself and your future, would you believe me? You should!!

You can see by my photo that I am not a size 10, (and never have been)and I dont know why I had such a big smile on my face as I was about to start my leg of a 150km cycle event! But the thing is I am smiling because I am doing something I love, exercising and out in the fresh air, it makes me feel alive and very grateful.

So, there is no time like the present as they say,start your daily walk with whoever, a neighbour or your kids, by yourself(for peace), with the dog or your husband(mine was not always a willing participant, that’s why he got mentioned after the dog!!).

Resistance is futile people, give it up, get healthy, get moving and get a big smile on your face too!

written with (big)love on this stunning sun shining day xxxcycle blog