Luens Ride To Conquer Cancer

ride to conquer cancer shirtThe Ride to Conquer Cancer recently took place in Auckland and Big Love Activewear’s co-owner, Luen Wong, took part. I asked her what it was like to do a 200km in 2 days bike ride, as that level of energy and endurance is awe inspiring to me. (I struggle to maintain 3 walks a week at the moment!)

About the event

The 2 day event was open to anyone who wanted to participate and funds raised went to support groundbreaking cancer research at the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre. The Ride took place on the 15th and 16th of November and Auckland treated the event to a range of weather conditions as only Auckland can! Starting at the Ellerslie Racing Club in Remuera and, via Maraitai ends in Pukekohe on the first day. After an overnight camp, they set off again to complete day two. The second day they head north again via Clark’s Beach, through Mangere bridge and finishing at Ellerlie once more.

Luen’s Ride

It was an emotional start for Luen, the cause of fighting cancer touches a personal nerve. She wasn’t the only one feeling moved as the opening speech at Ellerslie moved all of the riders as they sped off. Not a dry eye in the house. The weather on Saturday was not brilliant, it was windy and overcast although the rain didn’t set in until the final 20kms when a hard and gruelling ride became a grim fight to stay on course. The wind was so bad there was no coasting down hills – it was hang on tight and pedal like mad to keep the bike upright.

The camp – well it was pouring down at this stage and Luen eyed the tiny tent she was going to have the share the night in – with a perfect stranger, and decided to pass on the opportunity to get to know a new person in a rather novel way. Her brother lived locally so she gratefully accepted the offer of overnight accommodation. Next morning and facing another 100km Luen confessed there was a temptation to catch up on the ride half way through, but these thoughts passed. The first 25km were hard, she says, as they travelled to Clark’s Beach, but after that she seemed to find that second wind and cycled through the last 75km in beautiful weather. However at the news that the finish line was 1km away she confessed that she and another rider were overcome with relief and emotion. The cheering that the cycling heroes received at the finish line was so well deserved, what an incredible effort guys! (And by guys I mean guys of both sexes.)

Product Plug

On the cold and miserable Saturday, Luen was wearing the Coolweather Tights that Big Love Activewear supplies (will be restocking soon), and she remarked how well they performed, good coverage of the sitting bones, nice and wide she said. Great to hear that she endorses our own products. Luen puts her money where her mouth is in more ways than one!




Pre Christmas Sale

Why wait for the Boxing Day sales? Big Love Activewear presents the pre Christmas Sale!  Right up until Christmas Day we are offering 10% off your checkout cart on all orders over $150. PLUS free shipping when you use the Coupon “tenoff” . Don’t enter the quotation marks).

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Happy shopping!




Loving the activewear Lola Getts girls!

Its been a while since we started stocking the activewear Lola Getts makes in the States, but it has proven extremely popular. We love her attitude, designing really nice looking gear for the curvy girls. They use real sized girls for models and design for the curves not against them! We are proud to be the New Zealand retailer of their fine garments.

Here is a quote

Lola Getts was created on real women with real curves. We use a real plus size model to fit all our styles. We use some of the finest fabrics that give you staying power and performance for long lasting wear. We use flat lock stitching to provide more comfort and less chafing. No dreaded camel toe with our diamond shaped crotch. Lola Getts is also designed, created, and sent to you from the USA!

Now for those not familiar with the phrase ‘camel toe’ we found a video on Youtube with a song that explains it. (Not for the prudish – pictures are PG13 words are a little more…um…risque).

Here are some of the products we have in stock.


Plus Sized Activewear

Finding Plus Sized Activewear

It is difficult to find clothing that is comfortable to wear when exercising especially if you are plus sized!  For a start the waist bands can roll, and clothing not stretch so well or cause chafing in all the wrong places.  So where does one start?  Well the internet is a great source for finding clothing and footwear however it can be difficult figuring out the size charts and making sure that you get the right size or else you may find yourself posting it back.

Make sure the website you find has a good size chart with measurements for each brand of clothing as they can differ in sizes which makes it very frustrating especially when you are ordering online.

Finding good quality activewear that stretches well to your body shape and holds its form after regular washing is important.   Having a Lycra content will ensure it stretches.  Look out for poorly made products which have flooded the market.

Make sure if you are just embarking on a new exercise routine that you also have quality footwear and innersoles/cushioning for support.  Exercise can be intimidating to start with.  Start with walking and build up your time and speed.  Make sure it feels good to you and you enjoy it.  There are many different activities you could try.  We’ll start with an easy one.

Walking.  Whether it is walking the dog,  taking the kids to the park or exploring new areas, walking to the shops, these capris are perfect for you and oh so comfortable around the tummy and on sale now at $50!  Yes they’re available at our online store.


You can check them out here from Big Love Activewear







So get out there and get active!



Antiflamme – Natures Kiss

Antiflamme – Natures Kiss

We were enjoying some beautiful crisp Autumn days but the weather has deteriorated as the month has gone on! May’s newsletter has taken a few weeks to compose – where does the time go? If you haven’t read it yet, head to our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to like us too.

Antiflamme is the product to help you with muscle aches/strains and works naturally to help get you active again.  Enriched with arnica, hypericum, calendula and peppermint – just what you need in the bathroom cabinet.

Available to purchase on our website here you can pick up a pot for just $28.99.

Check out our range of sportswear for plus sizes.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, email us.
Keep Active!


April Newsletter

An early morning walk this morning, (ok so it was 9am and not so early) was all I needed to put pen to paper and start my short newsletter to you this month. I love walking – it helps me to think through and plan my day plus think through any issues that need solving oh and many new ideas are developed!

This month I found an interesting article for you to read which I recommend you print out and put on your fridge. “Post Work- Out Foods You Can and Should Eat For Recovery”. Thanks to

Yes, I’ve stuck it to my fridge too so everytime I get home from a walk or a ride, I am reminded now of alternative snacks I can eat post exercise instead of perhaps the odd biscuit or cake….. (yip I was guilty)…

Your product review this month is “A Bit Attitude” Capris. Ever had a pair of pants that the elastic at the waist twists and becomes annnoying inside the waistband? Well these ones don’t. Check them out.

To read the full newsletter go to

Thank you for shopping with us over the past year. Thank you for following us on our Facebook Page and finally Thank you for being you!

Keep active. Luen

What a fantastic summer!

autumn imageThat’s our latest newsletter done and dusted ….. read it online here for a yummy lunch recipe, something to keep you active and a product review of our most comfortable shorts. Get your fix here…..

Merry Christmas, and Welcome Lola Getts Active to New Zealand!

I’m not feeling too “christmasee” this year, how about you? Personally I will be glad when the big day has passed and life can resume to just a semi-chaotic state, thats how I prefer it.

Anyway enough grinch talk, I am rudely raving on when I should be introducing a wonderful new range to BigLove, another,  all the way from the US of A…..drum roll please…..Lola Getts Active.  At last, a range of cross functional activewear for the woman who celebrates her curves, and busy lifestyle!

I had a lengthy conversation with Jodi, co-owner of Lola Getts, and among other things I asked her what had prompted her to design plus size activewear. She said that while she and her friends worked out at gym they noticed that there just wasn’t a choice of fashionable workout clothing for the bigger ‘gals’ .(loved her accent, its kinda southern…)So they put their combined talents and experience together and have come up with this stylish plus size activewear range. They used a real plus size model to create the original patterns, so the garments have true plus size shape as well as style. I loved her philosophy as well, which is exactly the same as my own, we are not all a regular size, but it is important to exercise, and keep fit. Now you can, and look really sharp too!!

So Merry Christmas y’all, check out the new range, there will be more coming in the New Year, email with any questions you may have, be safe, be cool, keep on movin’ and have some fun!!

Plus Size Shorts for Women on Sale NOW!


This Deal* – Buy 1 pair of plus size workout shorts and get 50% off the 2nd pair.

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some absolutely free stuff that comes with This Deal!

  • a luxurious sample of New Zealand grown lavender soap
  • a nutritional fact sheet with great ideas and tips on everyday food
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Your plus size shorts will be delivered right to your door(or any door you chose)and we offer a no questions asked returns policy if you change your mind(see our hassle free returns policy here).

I do not want to go out shopping, it is too cold! Keep life simple, shop from home(or work lol).These plus size shorts are branded ‘bike shorts’ but we chose to call them ‘work-out’ shorts as they have no chamois, so not so comfortable on the old bicycle seat. You might like to call them your ‘vacuuming’ shorts, or your ‘zumba’ shorts or….the best pair of exercise  shorts I have ever owned! That is a regular comment we get. Made of 90% cotton and 10% percent lycra they wash and wear beautifully(except with towels…first hand experience here grrr!). These shorts are made in the USA by the same company that supply to the Biggest Loser show, oh yeah!

Why the * above?? Because there will be more deals coming soon! Warm your fingers and get clicking right now, you will be dancing around your lounge room to Abba before you know it!


Come on, eat up all those exercise calories!

Come on, eat up those exercise calories! Did you ever get that statement at the dinner table? I think not. It was more likely one of these… you are not leaving the table until that plate is empty….there are starving children in Africa…. if you eat all your dinner you can have some ice cream….and on and on we could go! Do you say these words, or similar, to your kids now? When kids say they are not hungry, generally they are not hungry(unless you are trying to make them eat tripe). Even now as an informed adult when I am not hungry,and I really want to eat something,  I still will. Bad huh.  I am from the above dinner time generation. Shame. Guilt. Eat. Recently my friend posted this video of herself talking about her weight loss journey. It is her personal  honesty that I resonate with here, and I am sure we can all relate in some way. Our relationship with eating food coupled with our lack of knowledge of what is required to burn it off  has had a devastating effect on many of us today. My Fitness Pal has been a great tool for Alison(I know there are other similar sites too)and as she explains about the food diary and exercise for calories you can perhaps understand what and why we have been doing wrong all these years. So the moral of this story? Exercise for calories, then only eat  the calories you got from the exercise. For me….simple plan, slow learner!