Real Womens 2012 Series is underway!

The Real Womens 2012 series is underway and I had a great day last Sunday(Feb 12th). My friend Alison and I decided to participate in the first of the Real Womens Duathlon series at Ambury Park, last minute entry of course, no foward planning here!

It rained. Just a little at first. Then it bucketed down right at the end. Nice.

We had a terrific time. Really.This is such a great event. It is not designed for athletes. It is designed for real women. First you run/walk, then you ride your bike, then you do another little run/walk. No winners, no losers, just participants. You are well supported by the organisers and the volunteers who line the routes.

You can enter as an individual,or as a team of 2 or 3. Thanks Jane Patterson. I like the philosophy of this series. I liked hearing the  heart warming stories of the real women who had overcome huge obstacles to participate for the first time, and to hear of one lady who has participated in every event since the series started, we’re talking 6 years here!

It was wonderful to see kids running out at the end to support their Mum/Sister/Cousin and run the last 100 metres with them, smiles all round! You got a goody bag, a flash new shirt, a yummy breakfast and a fair chance to win one of many great spot prizes, including a really cool bike.

It was well worth the drenching.

Don’t put it off, grab a friend and love the experience!  Real Women’s Duathlon Series

Happy Frivolous New Year!

 I say ‘frivolous’ quite a lot and  prefer the definition from the merrian-webster  dictionary a : of little weight or importance b : having no sound basis (as in fact or law) <a frivolouslawsuit>. 2. a : lacking in seriousness.

It probably sums up what I have to say most of the time, and I’m happy with that. I like the word.

Well here we are people, one week in to the New Year(what?? already??) how about those resolutions aye? Holding up still? Or were they just Frivolous Resolutions spoken with the utmost sincerity from a generally clear thinking brain that has been infused with a couple of glasses of chardonnay? I know some of my best intentions have happened while I have been in this state, and one(he had many!) of my father’s most favourite sayings to me was….”Lu, The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

I have decided not to go to hell this year, I have decided to go to a place where I am happy, I will have a healthy weight, I will have a  place where I can grow things for us to eat, and I will go to places on my bike, everyday. These are not resolutions.

I will continue to say mostly frivolous stuff this year, like I said, I am happy with that. But I sincerely wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

And here is something that is right up there in frivolousness…

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?








What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Warning: This video is more than 9 minutes long, please ensure that you have 9 minutes of uninterrupted time to spare, I would not want you to miss a word that is being said plus this guy talks flat out too….


Hello blender…had any good low fat smoothie ideas lately?


I located the blender at the back of cupboard on the weekend. Wow! Hello blender…had any good low fat smoothie ideas lately?? I don’t know why I don’t use it more, just like I don’t know when I have had enough to eat….or drink for that matter….anyhoo, I digress.

I love love love smoothies, and this is a great time to be making them as all the summer fruits are coming on. I made myself a big cold creamy blend of low-fat yogurt, soy milk(because I dont like the taste of cows milk, that is all, I am not trying to be flash!) and a banana that was going to last another hour in the fruit bowl, a fresh kiwifruit and some frozen berries. It was yummy too. I am going to have more of these I pledged to myself. Today I saw this simple recipe, I had never thought of putting grapes in a smoothie before, but I shall give it a go. It looks rather refreshing. Low cal and all that too.

‘Try’ time, you may like it!

I have a story to share with you. My husband would only ever eat white bread.

If he bought the bread it would always be white, and when he got the ‘look’, he would say that was all they had….

With the bread wars at the supermarkets now you can get good deals like 2 for whatever price… Molenburg has been doing this, so I have been buying mostly molenburg bread.

What do you know, out of the blue, after 17 years, he announces, I love this Molenburg bread, its the best bread Ive ever eaten!

Lesson for the day: Try something new, you just might like it!

P.S He also eats brown rice now too….loves it, hide the mung beans we are on a roll here!!


Consistency with exercise is key….good information is GOLD

1. Consistency with exercise is key. Don’t stress about staying motivated because motivation comes and goes. (Yes! It is so true!!) Just be consistent in your training and clean eating.

2. Check in with all the stories that you use to avoid exercising and eating well. When you see them for what they are , you’ll be able to make positive life changes.

3. Dont negotiate with your self about exercising and dont make deals with yourself to give yourself a reason not to train. It’s not complicated- simply get your runners on and get out the door. Dont think about it just do it!

4. Dont over-intellectualise your training. It’s not rocket science, its just exercise. The key is not what you do, but how much effort you put into doing it, so go hard in your workouts.

5. Become a habit creator. Replace your bad habits – buying chocolate every time you buy petrol, never exercising on the weekends – with good ones. Always keep an apple in the car, ready for when you need petrol, or meet a friend for a Saturday morning power walk.

Taken from AWW(August 2011). The story is called Michelle Inc. She is, Michelle Bridges, personal trainer on the Biggest Loser Australia. These are her tips from that story. Brilliant just Brilliant!


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Living in Resistance is Futile

Living in Resistance is Futile!

OK people, yesterday we talked a little about what motivates me and how I suggested you need to get started on some kind of fitness plan and walking, to me, seemed like a great place to start.

My approach to some things I do, I think, is not always appropriate. I am a bit of a bull in a china shop kind of person, a bit tactless, I acknowledge this and I am doing a lot of work on myself trying to tone down my delivery. It has taken me a long time to write this message this morning, I know what I want to say, but that delivery issue keeps coming up!!

So here is my simple message people. Give it up. Stop with the BS and excuse sheet. I know every excuse under the sun, and I know, that you know, that it is all just rubbish. If I could assure you that a 15 minute, then a 30 minute, then working up to a 60 minute daily walk is achievable and will be the best thing that you could ever do for yourself and your future, would you believe me? You should!!

You can see by my photo that I am not a size 10, (and never have been)and I dont know why I had such a big smile on my face as I was about to start my leg of a 150km cycle event! But the thing is I am smiling because I am doing something I love, exercising and out in the fresh air, it makes me feel alive and very grateful.

So, there is no time like the present as they say,start your daily walk with whoever, a neighbour or your kids, by yourself(for peace), with the dog or your husband(mine was not always a willing participant, that’s why he got mentioned after the dog!!).

Resistance is futile people, give it up, get healthy, get moving and get a big smile on your face too!

written with (big)love on this stunning sun shining day xxxcycle blog

Motivation vs Food

In my case, there is no versus, I am motivated by food. How else did I become plus size? The heading should read Motivation + Exercise = Food. Thats how it works for me. I love to ride my bike, on a Sunday morning you can always get me out of my warm bed, and on to my bike if you tell me we are stopping off at a cafe for breakfast! It’s a little less appealing if I am presented with, come on love, it will only take us a couple of hours and then you can come home and jump back in to that warm cosy bed if you want!! OH PULLEEZZ, what kind of a deal is that?? Where’s the french toast in that sentence??!! Jokes aside, whatever motivates you to get out and get some exercise, you must find it. It is not good to be overweight, but it is even worse to be overweight and unfit.You really MUST get moving.(I know, you know!) Start walking, it doesnt matter if you dont like it. It’s possibly the only thing you can do immediately and there is no cost involved, therefore giving you absolutely no excuse not to do it. Just start, find 10 minutes, and do it. Dont use the excuse that you dont have the right shoes either, wear jandals if you have to! Just make a start.Then come home and have a yummy…..shower!?!

Tommorow I will present you with your list of excuses and my list of responses, you can’t out fox an old fox….written with (big)love xx

September Blues

OK so you know you want to get walking. September is coming and you know how everyone goes crazy with the anticipation of summer. I didn’t always get that excited because I knew that while I loved the longer days and warmer temperatures I always had those dreaded nagging thoughts in the back of my mind, “Rats, I have to get fit, I have to lose 300kgs in 2 months,I have to buy summer clothes(or not!) maybe shorts [Read more…]