Luen Wong

Plus Size Exercise Clothing for Women is what we are About….

This online shop is to provide genuine plus size exercise clothing for women. I say genuine plus size, as often you read labels and they say XL, but thats exactly what they are not.

We are not about weight loss here, but are about regaining and retaining good health through exercise. A few minutes a day of regular exercise can make a big difference, but sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. If you have gear that fits you well, and can find someone motivating to team up with, you are away!  We know our Activewear is going to make a difference to people feeling great – and we want that to be a starting point to just getting out there and ‘doing it’!

Plus size womens clothing, particularly activewear has always been an issue for Luen Wong.  She became inspired to create BigLove Activewear when feeling frustrated with not being able to buy good looking PLUS SIZE exercise clothes in New Zealand. She designed a range of Cycle Shirts under the label “BigLove Apparel” and has sourced other labels of  exercise and fitness clothing  from the United States.

“The Butt Stops Here”

About Lycra® Sport Fabric

Lycra® is a registered trade mark  of Invista  and is specifically engineered for sporting activity by combining the proven stretch technology of Lycra® fibre with demanding fabric performance standards to provide exceptional recovery power, fit, and freedom of movement.