September Blues

OK so you know you want to get walking. September is coming and you know how everyone goes crazy with the anticipation of summer. I didn’t always get that excited because I knew that while I loved the longer days and warmer temperatures I always had those dreaded nagging thoughts in the back of my mind, “Rats, I have to get fit, I have to lose 300kgs in 2 months,I have to buy summer clothes(or not!) maybe shorts(gulp)and Oh My Gawd, please, dont even mention the ‘T’ word…I wont swim this year!!”

I may be able to help you out this year, I don’t have a magic wand or anything, but I have some great exercise pants and sports bras available in genuine PLUS SIZE womens sizes. I have got these specially in from the USA. This may ease the pain of having to go out physically shopping for the clothes…..



  1. Hello really love your website!! I suffer from Shin Splints do you think the compression pants will help? Also it would be really good to be able to enlarge the pictures of the products for closer detail? Im sorry I have no idea if that can be done.
    Look forward to the reading your blog for motivation!!!!

  2. Glad you like the site Andrea and welcome! I’ll let Luen answer the shin splints question. As far as the images go, did you click on the image on the actual product page? It should have opened up in a pop-up box on the screen.