Loving the activewear Lola Getts girls!

Its been a while since we started stocking the activewear Lola Getts makes in the States, but it has proven extremely popular. We love her attitude, designing really nice looking gear for the curvy girls. They use real sized girls for models and design for the curves not against them! We are proud to be the New Zealand retailer of their fine garments.

Here is a quote

Lola Getts was created on real women with real curves. We use a real plus size model to fit all our styles. We use some of the finest fabrics that give you staying power and performance for long lasting wear. We use flat lock stitching to provide more comfort and less chafing. No dreaded camel toe with our diamond shaped crotch. Lola Getts is also designed, created, and sent to you from the USA!

Now for those not familiar with the phrase ‘camel toe’ we found a video on Youtube with a song that explains it. (Not for the prudish – pictures are PG13 words are a little more…um…risque).

Here are some of the products we have in stock.