April Newsletter

An early morning walk this morning, (ok so it was 9am and not so early) was all I needed to put pen to paper and start my short newsletter to you this month. I love walking – it helps me to think through and plan my day plus think through any issues that need solving oh and many new ideas are developed!

This month I found an interesting article for you to read which I recommend you print out and put on your fridge. “Post Work- Out Foods You Can and Should Eat For Recovery”. Thanks to

Yes, I’ve stuck it to my fridge too so everytime I get home from a walk or a ride, I am reminded now of alternative snacks I can eat post exercise instead of perhaps the odd biscuit or cake….. (yip I was guilty)…

Your product review this month is “A Bit Attitude” Capris. Ever had a pair of pants that the elastic at the waist twists and becomes annnoying inside the waistband? Well these ones don’t. Check them out.

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Thank you for shopping with us over the past year. Thank you for following us on our Facebook Page and finally Thank you for being you!

Keep active. Luen