Merry Christmas, and Welcome Lola Getts Active to New Zealand!

I’m not feeling too “christmasee” this year, how about you? Personally I will be glad when the big day has passed and life can resume to just a semi-chaotic state, thats how I prefer it.

Anyway enough grinch talk, I am rudely raving on when I should be introducing a wonderful new range to BigLove, another,  all the way from the US of A…..drum roll please…..Lola Getts Active.  At last, a range of cross functional activewear for the woman who celebrates her curves, and busy lifestyle!

I had a lengthy conversation with Jodi, co-owner of Lola Getts, and among other things I asked her what had prompted her to design plus size activewear. She said that while she and her friends worked out at gym they noticed that there just wasn’t a choice of fashionable workout clothing for the bigger ‘gals’ .(loved her accent, its kinda southern…)So they put their combined talents and experience together and have come up with this stylish plus size activewear range. They used a real plus size model to create the original patterns, so the garments have true plus size shape as well as style. I loved her philosophy as well, which is exactly the same as my own, we are not all a regular size, but it is important to exercise, and keep fit. Now you can, and look really sharp too!!

So Merry Christmas y’all, check out the new range, there will be more coming in the New Year, email with any questions you may have, be safe, be cool, keep on movin’ and have some fun!!