Come on, eat up all those exercise calories!

Come on, eat up those exercise calories! Did you ever get that statement at the dinner table? I think not. It was more likely one of these… you are not leaving the table until that plate is empty….there are starving children in Africa…. if you eat all your dinner you can have some ice cream….and on and on we could go! Do you say these words, or similar, to your kids now? When kids say they are not hungry, generally they are not hungry(unless you are trying to make them eat tripe). Even now as an informed adult when I am not hungry,and I really want to eat something,  I still will. Bad huh.  I am from the above dinner time generation. Shame. Guilt. Eat. Recently my friend posted this video of herself talking about her weight loss journey. It is her personal  honesty that I resonate with here, and I am sure we can all relate in some way. Our relationship with eating food coupled with our lack of knowledge of what is required to burn it off  has had a devastating effect on many of us today. My Fitness Pal has been a great tool for Alison(I know there are other similar sites too)and as she explains about the food diary and exercise for calories you can perhaps understand what and why we have been doing wrong all these years. So the moral of this story? Exercise for calories, then only eat  the calories you got from the exercise. For me….simple plan, slow learner!



  1. Thanks for posting this – I hope that my experiences might help others struggling…