Bariatric Surgery – Yes or No?

Bariatric surgery is the generic term for the weight loss surgery. It does not mean a specific option that you can choose, for example, gastric banding, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. Bariatric surgery seems to be continually evolving and there are probably even more options than these.

Before going ahead with any operation there is a lot of  information to wade through, weeks and months pass before taking the plunge, plus interviews and tests and pre-op diets and all that pyschological torment to deal with. Plus, if all that is not  bad enough, you have the well meaning opinions of your family, friends, workmates and maybe your personal trainer to consider! Oh god help me!! Give me a sign, hit me on the head with a coconut or something!!

I have myself over the years considered ‘going under the knife’ as they say, but at the end of the day, bottom line, to coin a few well worn cliches….I am a chicken!  I have always had the opportunity to keep myself reasonably physically fit, and although I will  always be a big girl, this is my decision. However, I have met many many people who have had a weight-loss operation, and I am happy to report all of them have not regretted the decision. But, I know there are people who have not had such a happy time, it’s weird that I haven’t actually met anyone who has had a bad experience, just heard from others.

If you have taken the bariatric way, and are losing weight steadily and find yourself looking for some great exercise wear, I cannot recommend highly enough the Power Legs that are available here. Either in the shorts or full leg, these are  tight fitting pants with a high lycra content that forces  blood to circulate, removes perspiration away from your skin and keeps your muscles warm, all while you exercise! Dare I mention the taboo subject of “loose skin??”, oops too late, Ive said it! These are the ultimate friend to this little problem xx

If you’ve done it, I am in awe. I hope it has been everything you wanted. I believe you must still exercise and diet to help the kilos  come off….two words…POWER LEGS!