April 2017. Lets get cracking….its nearly Easter!

Its the new Financial Year, and perhaps an opportunity to re-set New Year goals?

Now, I am not one to go on about the virtue of goal setting. I dont set them, I dont like them. Even talking about ‘them’ leaves me cold. (well that is a bit of a lie, every now and again I have a go, but really its just ink on a page…) However, I am surrounded by ‘goal-setters’ and ‘goal-writer-downers’ but not me, I am more of your ‘hey-that-is-a good-idea-lets-do-that’ type, heard of me types? Maybe you are one too, high five! I am the ultimate Ive Got A Good Idea Girl!

So, that said, here is my good idea for the rest of 2017. I am going to write 6 blogs(or heading/topics)today. That way I will be able to post a minimum of once a month until September. By then I will have hit my stride and inspiring messages will fall out of my head, semi-assembled and I will share them with you. Another good idea I have, I will not post this until the other 5 are part-written. I know, I know, the brilliance of it. Move over Tony Robbins.

I am pleased to say that my absence from social media does not reflect my responsibility or passion that I have for BigLove Activewear. Women from all over NZ continue to find us and we are able to suit them up. I love it! Recently I asked a new customer if she had just started biking, “Oh no, she said, but this is the first time Ive bought clothes that actually fit, usually I just put up with what I can get.” This brought it all back to me, the inspiration of BigLove, providing activewear that actually fits, and not have to make do with!

That said, I am going to sign off now. There is much to do at “Good Ideas HDQ’. Order some more stock(sorry, we are low!!), seek out a Womens Expo we can attend(any ideas??)and focus on those blogs.  Until next month…Luen

I’m not a waif-y girl and never will be. I think it’s healthy when fitness experts encourage fitness rather than getting a certain body shape. – Sophia Bush