Luens Ride To Conquer Cancer

ride to conquer cancer shirtThe Ride to Conquer Cancer recently took place in Auckland and Big Love Activewear’s co-owner, Luen Wong, took part. I asked her what it was like to do a 200km in 2 days bike ride, as that level of energy and endurance is awe inspiring to me. (I struggle to maintain 3 walks a week at the moment!)

About the event

The 2 day event was open to anyone who wanted to participate and funds raised went to support groundbreaking cancer research at the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre. The Ride took place on the 15th and 16th of November and Auckland treated the event to a range of weather conditions as only Auckland can! Starting at the Ellerslie Racing Club in Remuera and, via Maraitai ends in Pukekohe on the first day. After an overnight camp, they set off again to complete day two. The second day they head north again via Clark’s Beach, through Mangere bridge and finishing at Ellerlie once more.

Luen’s Ride

It was an emotional start for Luen, the cause of fighting cancer touches a personal nerve. She wasn’t the only one feeling moved as the opening speech at Ellerslie moved all of the riders as they sped off. Not a dry eye in the house. The weather on Saturday was not brilliant, it was windy and overcast although the rain didn’t set in until the final 20kms when a hard and gruelling ride became a grim fight to stay on course. The wind was so bad there was no coasting down hills – it was hang on tight and pedal like mad to keep the bike upright.

The camp – well it was pouring down at this stage and Luen eyed the tiny tent she was going to have the share the night in – with a perfect stranger, and decided to pass on the opportunity to get to know a new person in a rather novel way. Her brother lived locally so she gratefully accepted the offer of overnight accommodation. Next morning and facing another 100km Luen confessed there was a temptation to catch up on the ride half way through, but these thoughts passed. The first 25km were hard, she says, as they travelled to Clark’s Beach, but after that she seemed to find that second wind and cycled through the last 75km in beautiful weather. However at the news that the finish line was 1km away she confessed that she and another rider were overcome with relief and emotion. The cheering that the cycling heroes received at the finish line was so well deserved, what an incredible effort guys! (And by guys I mean guys of both sexes.)

Product Plug

On the cold and miserable Saturday, Luen was wearing the Coolweather Tights that Big Love Activewear supplies (will be restocking soon), and she remarked how well they performed, good coverage of the sitting bones, nice and wide she said. Great to hear that she endorses our own products. Luen puts her money where her mouth is in more ways than one!